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Best Of Morocco Tours is a wholly Moroccan-owned corporation and one of Morocco’s leading incoming tour operators, providing a comprehensive range of Moroccan travel services and products for inbound groups and tour operators worldwide, including Travel Agencies and Event planner.

Established with a simple idea... life seeing with local services instead of sightseeing with crowded Tours. Therefore over 16 years We have built a strong & loyal relationship with our service suppliers, especially hoteliers, local guides, transporters & others who have added a touch of Moroccan hospitality to keep our idea alive, and make us one of the best morocco tour companies.


We are the best Morocco tour operator, believe in the traditional Moroccan Philosophy of our great king "Hassan II - The entire world is our family”. Traveling removes barrier and brings people closer. We intend to use tourism as an instrument to promote peace, alleviate poverty, make world a better place to live in, and in the process become a world-class travel company too.


As one of the best morocco tours company, our mission is to providing world-class travel services at reasonable prices to bring it within the reach of the common people.

Our features

Moroccan Expert

We are your Moroccan travel experts, Morocco best travel company, and a partner you and your customers can always count on. Offer your customers the best Moroccan experience for every budget.

Why choose us?

We don't operate a large network of Tours worldwide and instead focus solely on travel within Morocco which, simply put, makes us good at it! We are a fast expanding, Morocco best travel company with focus on the best travel experience for every budget. True to our founding principles, the client’s experience should always come first.

Hotels we use

As the best Morocco tour operator, we have strong tie ups with the hotels and Resorts in Morocco. We can book accommodation in various options like business hotels, Heritage Hotels, Palaces, Beach Resorts, Guest Houses, Riads, Luxury Berbere Camp, Villas etc as per the taste and budget of the traveler. To get the best suited accommodation for your holidays, get is touch with our travel expert who will assist you in selecting the accommodation style. We make sure that you get great accommodation and ensure availability of rooms. But some times at peak season rooms are sold quickly. In this case we give you alternate same category of Hotels and rooms. To avoid such risk of sold out positions we alwayts advise you to book the rooms and holidays in advance to get complete satisfaction. We offer budget to luxury and premium heritage hotels and accommodations, just for you.

Our Service standard:

With few years of existence Best Of Morocco Tours has achieved high international by constantly analyzing and satisfying visitors' requirements and expectations. The extensive range of tour itineraries and services that we provide are world-class and they are being enhanced continuously. The good service and high client satisfaction is complemented by the attractive promotional offers, tours and customized itineraries that are focused on client's comfort, requirement and budget. Our efforts have also been recognized by many Organizations and Groups which gives us confidence to stand among the best tours companies in the kingdom of Morocco.